Special Plumbing Deals
by Bekmar Plumbing & Heating in Calgary

Current Special: Hot Water Tank Safety and Savings with a Danfoss TMV, $499.95 installed!

Bekmar Plumbing & Heating offers hot water safety & savings with a Danfoss Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) installed into your existing hot water system.

  • Danfoss TMV

This premium TMV will regulate the temperature of your household hot water supply and prevent scalding at every faucet. It will also allow you to keep your hot water reserves at an elevated temperature to fend off bacteria such as Legionalla, which are known to breed in under-heated hot water reservoirs.

It will save you money as well, because the hot water supply is regulated to appropriate temperatures, taking only what's needed from the reserves rather than draining then heating a new tank of cold water from scratch. Safety and savings... What's not to like?

To arrange your TMV installation at this special price, please call (403) 667-1913 or email us at