Licensed Plumbing Inspections
by Bekmar Plumbing & Heating in Calgary

If you're looking to buy a home or invest in a commercial space, Bekmar Plumbing & Heating offers accredited plumbing inspection services by a certified Master Plumber, licensed by the City of Calgary.

You'll want to protect your investment, after all, to be assured they there no code violations, no imminent heating breakdowns or catastrophic plumbing failures in its future and, more insidiously, no slow leaks that can compromise a foundation or spawn mold spores over time.

Similarly, home insurance policies will not cover basement developments done without the proper permits in place - something the homeowner only discovers when renewing the policy or worse, after a flood or fire claim is made.

We will provide a complete mechanical inspection and assessment in any given structure and provide you with a detailed analysis of the plumbing, gasfittings and HVAC strengths and weaknesses. We will verify compliance with the City of Calgary's Plumbing codes as well as document the quality of you plumbing and heating systems (or lack thereof). We will deliver an itemized advisory of required and suggested repairs needed now or within a certain time frame.

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