Plumbing Permits & Code Corrections
by Bekmar Plumbing & Heating in Calgary

In the City of Calgary, some home and building owners overlook or neglect to get the required permits for plumbing work performed on their property.

The City of Calgary issues plumbing permits to ensure that work performed complies with National, Provincial and Municipal building codes. Failure to comply can result in a stop-work order, hefty fines or costly demolishing of entire projects. The lack of a plumbing or gas permit indicates that an unlicensed and usually unqualified contractor has performed work.

But there is an easy solution. Proactively, Bekmar Plumbing & Heating will obtain the required City of Calgary Plumbing or Gas Permit for your property even after the work has been complete by another contractor.

The process begins with a simple, 30-minute consultation with a certified Master Plumber, licensed by the City of Calgary. We will then provide the necessary permit(s) and advise as to any work or repairs needed to confirm plumbing work underway complies with the relevant codes, if necessary.

In the short term, omitting the necessary permits and circumventing select plumbing codes can save some costs, but un-permitted plumbing work will invariably haunt the home owner, especially when it comes time to sell or when trying to remediate after a natural disaster.

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For questions about acquiring a plumbing permit or to verify work performed meets Calgary building codes, call Bekmar Plumbing & Heating at (403) 667-1913, send an email to , or send us a message using the contact form below

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